Long has the travel become a luxury, now we are seeking for a real-life experience in the destination we are visiting. The only way to gather these real-life experiences is through private tours.

There are two types of tours, which one to select is always a dilemma. The first is group tours, where you will be a part of the group and you are will be taken to the sightseeing tours by your escort/ guide. It is apparent the attention span of your guide has to be very wide, as he will be controlling a big group, which makes his attention to a particular traveler narrower. You will have to follow the group schedule; you will have to agree what the majority of the group wants. In short, you will not have a private time during the tours. These types of tours are perfect for “Cash Poor and Time Rich” travelers.

Now we have private and luxury trips. Luxury and private trips are, designed as per your interest and requirement. Everything will be private, you will have a private vehicle, a private guide to accompany you through your tours and there will be no time limit. You will be always under the radar of your tour operator or travel agent. In private tours, your day-to-day activities will be perfectly catered, and there will be ample time for you to indulge in or gather real-life experience of the foreign countries you are visiting on a private basis.

The travel agencies provide you an exceptional customer service (hope you have read our previous blog on the smart travel). They are able to provide all the attention to you and your private groups and whatever you will require will be on disposal. Yes, these types of trips are for “Time Poor and Cash Rich” travelers. The reward you will be getting from the private tour will be a memorable lifetime experience, exceptional service, and good relations with the people of the foreign countries.

As you travel around the world to gather different experiences; you do not want mimicry and wish to have a real-world experience. The only way you get true real-life experience is through luxury and private travel to different foreign countries. You will definitely wish to know about their past, how they live, their culture, and of course their lifestyle. This will be possible if you have a local experience guide just for you and he will answer your every question and if you wish to stand still stop your head and feet moving as if you have found your, “Shangri- La”, do not hesitate, just sit at the very place and witness the trickery of nature. Let nature be your guide for a few minutes. This is what you paid for and the private tours will make your financial investment totally worth it.

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