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Travel is not only about visiting new places, it is also about exploring and experiencing local people, their culture and lifestyles. With this philosophy Travelsmith Nepal, a premium Destination Management Company was founded by a group of travel specialist in Nepal. Our expertise is premium tailor-made holidays in beautiful regions of Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. If you are dreaming to trek around the world’s famous trails in Nepal, enjoy exotic wildlife in sub-tropical jungles of Nepal or simply a cultural and scenic immersion in the regions of Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet, we at Travelsmith Nepal are your true travel companion.

Our insights and expertise combined with high-quality services make us different in the industry. We work passionately using our expertise and enjoy crafting holidays that will suit your individual interest and requirement. We provide our services through full transparency and sincerity. We use our intimate regional knowledge to provide you our firsthand experience, guiding you to make well-informed decision for your upcoming holiday in these beautiful Himalaya regions. The Expertise of our tour consultants, knowledge and enthusiasm of our guides and excellent service of our chauffeurs will truly make your holiday unique, unforgettable and safe. Our excellent network of local agents will go the extra mile to ensure your dream holiday come true.


All of us at Travelsmith Nepal have a common set of values. These values are foundation to our integrity and beliefs.

  • We work with sincerity and transparency.
  • We provide high quality travel service to every customer.
  • We are against pending work. We deliver very swift response to different travel requirements.
  • We respect our suppliers and customers and in turn are respected by them.
  • We do not have any hidden cost and agendas, we disclose everything.
  • We develop freshly graduated tourism students and help them clearly identify their career and achieve it.
  • We love young and respect the elders.

At Travelsmith Nepal we take responsibility of our travelers, suppliers, community and our business. We believe travel can be economically, culturally and environmentally responsible.

  • Before traveling, read up on the local words and few phrases that are most commonly used. Traveling with respect will earn you a respect. Travelsmith Nepal will send you the general information sheet a week before your travel date.
  • Remove the excess package. We will advise you what are the things that needs to be brought
  • Always request someone before taking photographs
  • Dress respectfully. Wear the modest cloth as per the local tradition and culture
  • Foreigners are not allowed to enter the premises of Hindu temples
  • Circumambulate Stupas/Monasteries clockwise
  • Open your shoes/slippers before entering the local household
  • Buy local products/goods in country instead of using the imported ones
  • Use water sparingly

Travelsmith Nepal uses local personnel, agents, accommodation where it can. We have been providing employment to local Sherpas and porters who have not even completed their local schooling. We are against child labor and no child will be used by Travelsmith Nepal.

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